Friday, March 21, 2014

Why the 'Cowboys-and-Indians' photo is not OK - Aboriginal - CBC

Yet more food for thought:

"yukon23Please hold your complaints, and accusations of racism, for the real instances of racism and discrimination.
All the articles, complaints, "awareness campaigns", etc just make sure that the serious events are hidden in the constant drone of "racism, racism, discrimination, discrimation, rights, rights".
Everybody is offended by something. Show your true strength by brushing off this petty BS that is done with no ill will.
Save your breath, and your credibility, for when Quebec passes another obscene bylaw. 
How is this article ten times the length of the story of the hotel charging Aboriginal People %50 more for a room.
THAT'S racist. That is horrible.
A cheer team taking a fun picture from an age old cliche fit for halloween is a joke.
Pick your battles would ya? Please? I'm begging"

Why the 'Cowboys-and-Indians' photo is not OK - Aboriginal - CBC:

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