Monday, June 02, 2014

Wasagamach children still live without running water ...

... or flush toilets, but the Harper Government is spending an outrageous amount of money for their temporary quarters during a renovation.

The Harper Government should re-locate to St. Theresa Point during their reno project.  Perhaps they'd get more work done surrounded by the beauty of the Canadian Shield and Boreal forest.  As well as develop a better understanding of life in Garden Hill, St. Theresa Point and Wasagamach.

I can not believe our government is seriously spending this kind of money on a temporary structure.  I wonder how many Aboriginal homes could be supplies with running water and flush toilets for this amount of money.


$42M glass dome approved for Parliament - Politics - CBC News: "The temporary Commons chamber will have exactly the same dimensions and layout as the existing one, complete with tiered seating for MPs and overhanging visitors' galleries. The soaring glass ceiling is being designed to match the neo-Gothic architecture of the rest of the Parliament Buildings."

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