Friday, February 23, 2007

More Blog Browsing

Speaking of "how the heck did I end up here..." I found this blog sometime in the middle of a dark cold winter night.

It is one of the most compelling blogs I've ever read, and I don't know why. Note: It's sexually explicit, and if you're homophobic, don't click on the link.

This man's reality is so far removed from mine, perhaps that's why I find it so intriguing?

He's an excellent writer.

The only annoying part of the blog are the endless comments saying "write more". Why do people do that?

Blog Browsing

I'm continually amazed at how clicking on links takes me all over this w.w.w.!
I set up a new gadget on my Google Homepage, "Font of the Day", which led me to several different font sites, which led me to Greg Hughes site, which led me to Phil's site. I'm definitely a pessimist and a glass-half-empty kinda gal so I've bookmarked Phil's Blog to give me some balance.