Saturday, July 26, 2014

Google Love ... with a side of Pasta

gawd ... I love Google!

Google knows what I need, better than I do!

and, ... if you're interested, ... the links:

Guide to Noodles

Cook's Thesaurus: Pasta Rods

Different Types of Pasta Explained

I'm catching up on the current season of "Hell's Kitchen", I've always wondered what exactly "capellini" is.  OK, so it's a pasta, rod shaped.  How does it differ from other rods?  Now, thanks to Google, I know.

Thanks again Sir Tim Berners-Lee.

Monday, July 07, 2014

"Hurry up, kids! We’re late for school!"

Urocyon's Jaunts: " catsbeaversandducks: "Hurry up, kids! We’re late for school!" Photo by ©Jeanette DiAnda (via youneedacat)"

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"Hurry up, kids! We’re late for school!"

Living with Chronic Illness

I've been "at home, sick" aka on disability pension, since March 2002.  Generally, I've been living my "new normal" for a long time and don't often think about "being sick".  My illness is as managed as it can be, I know my body's limitations and, more or less, live within them.  There are still the odd days that I long to be back at work but as more and more of my old co-workers retire, it happens less and less.

What irks and saddens me most though, is how small my world has become.  My immediate family, a sister, a long-distance crafting buddy [weekly skype dates] and my health care professionals.  These are the people I see.

I absolutely dread running into anyone that knew me "before I got sick".  Ugh.  The weight gain, the lack of mobility, my drunken gait [vertigo, not booze], the ravages of my medication that show on my skin and hair.

Urocyon's Jaunts: "IN TODAY'S SOCIETY, CHRONIC ILLNESS IS VIEWED AS A PERSONAL FAILING › When I recently read the phrase, “I’m embarrassed to be sick,” it made my stomach clench and my breath catch.  ... a reluctance to be seen or even talk to people–especially those that knew me before I became chronically ill. ...   ... In our competitive society, chronic infirmity or illness is viewed as a personal failing rather than the random stroke of fate that it is.  "

'via Blog this'

Thank goodness for the internet.  My connection to the world, news, entertainment.  I visit on blogs like I used to go for coffee.  I don't have to excuse my looks.  Hell, I don't even have to be showered and dressed!  Plus, if I'm awake at 3am, my "pals" on the internet are too.  Thanks for being there internet.