Tuesday, June 12, 2018


3:10 - Simple Screen Print to T-Shirt.  Does this really work?

Thursday, May 03, 2018

Princess & Pip

It's that time of year already.  Princess with her new man.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Thinking about colour

I'm reading this pre-school teacher's blog posts about art.

I found this thought-provoking:
. . . while committees of preschoolers almost always agree to rainbow, committees of adults tasked with choosing colors almost always settle on some version of beige.
 I have never had a class of 3-5 year olds who have not chosen rainbow when faced with a decision over which color to paint something that belongs to all of us. It comes up at least once a year. ... adults in similar circumstances, tend toward beige.
 ... on a deeper level, when one looks at it as philosophy or metaphor, there is no contest: the adults bicker their way to the least offensive solution, while their kids always opt, joyfully and proudly in most cases, for the most inclusive ...

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Using Non-traditional items to make cards and mixed media

 Good morning. Happy 2018!!

Today I wanted to talk about using random things from around the house to make cards and in mixed media pieces. I am not quite as bad as my Grandmother was for not throwing anything away. Her house was full of colour coded styrofoam egg carton stacks, boxes of old nylons fabric tiny pieces, etc. I do like to use and reuse anything and everything I can think of a repurpose for and so this post will be about some of the things I have done.

Firstly, I don't have a subscription to any magazines but the odd one comes in the mail or is given to me. The following is what I did with a Vesey Seed catalogue. I bought a new bird die to share with Zoo and before I mailed it out to her to use I did up almost the entire seed catalogue with them. As it was a very thin paper it was printed on I glued each page onto printer paper before cutting out the bird. They turned out so sweet!

Secondly... In recent years some of the companies that send out junk mail have incorpoated cute little animals and things to catch your eye and make you remember their brand. Instead of throwing them into the recycle bin I have used some of them. [My favourite one I cannot find a picture of. I am hoping Zoo will add a picture of it when she sees this. It is of a cute little red monster with lime green teeth and I made some cute kids cards out of him. He came in two sizes and was too adorable for words.]  Here are some of the ones I do have pictures of...

This next one is from packs of cards I bought on clearance from Michael's. Each card pack had 6 cards and envelopes and cost 25 cents... yes cents!!! Scrouge me could not pass that up. Each set had a pair of shoes and a monogram letter. I have made mixed media journals for each of my daughters and I did a 'Soul Mates' page for one of them. It turned out great! I layered the buckle or bow again to give it some depth. 


More magazines...

I love stamps and keep ones from mail I receive and have also bought some cute ones specifically for use in my crafting. 

I saved the label of a friend's favourite wine and made it into a birthday card for him. A reminder to me of what wine to buy him and also a cute card to give him on his next birthday.

These last ones are from a couple of colouring books that the nieces and nephews finished off. I couldn't part with the covers so made cards from some of the bits cut out of them . They are bright and cheerful and the kids will love them (and remember colouring the pages from inside the book??)

Well, I hope you all have an awesome 2018 and have a blast crafting away all year. I am off to visit Zo soon and if I remember I will find the picture I sent her of my little red monster card and I will add it in here. Being frugal in your crafting doesn't mean that things have to look cheap or tacky. It is fun to reuse things and make them live again in something someone will love. Enjoy!!

Red Bear : )

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Paper Napkin Transfers

Happy New Year's Eve! 

Hello. Our plans fell through for the evening so I have a few minutes to do up a quick post about the fun I have had with paper napkin transfers. Admittedly, the first attempt was not fun but the experience improved significantly the second time around.

Zoo had sent out a link of a woman doing paper napkin transfers and I was intrigued. She made it look so nice and easy and relaxing. Here is her link... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hpqpeljWd4&list=LLrPw3KR7TMCTKUPVvRy-_3g&index=106&t=179s

In her video she used NoName plastic wrap like I have, a medium temperature iron and very little effort. When I tried it the napkins were getting ironed nice and flat but there was not much sticking involved, except with the paper I was ironing it all between and the excess plastic wrap. I then tried it on a hard book with a hotter iron and had a little more success but ended up pressing down sooo hard that I bent my ironing board, lol. At this point, I decided it was either a bust or I would buy some brand name stickier plastic wrap and try it one more time. 

I did shop today and bought some Glad Cling Wrap and tried again. It was sooo much better! I still had to put my iron on a little more than medium but I didn't have to press too hard and it stuck pretty good.

So the emoji napkin transfers were with the NoName wrap and most of them I can peel off if I wanted to so am worried about making things with them and then having them peel off. I may need to frame each one. Aren't they cute though? I was thinking of making kids cards with them.

These last two, below, I was fed up and so I matt mediumed the card stock and placed the napkins right on. I then flattened them using a piece of parchment paper so it wouldn't stick. They turned out fine. A bigger napkin  might not have attached to the page as flat as these smaller sections.

With the leaves napkin I used the much stickier Cling Wrap by Glad. When I started, I thought I was going to like the all colour side the best but in the end I love the leaves with the white. I have put a few napkins in the "Take to Zoo's" box, as I know she will want to play with them. I like hearts and she likes leaves.

In the shot below, you can see one of the corners didn't stick after I trimmed the edges. This amount of fixing will be easy with a tiny bit of matt medium or glue.

So there you have it... using paper napkins from the kitchen for use in the craft room. I hope you all have a wonderful New Year's Eve and an awesome 2018!

Take care and have fun!

Red Bear : )

Hello again. I wasn't sure where to put the cards I made with the paper napkins... a new post or added to this one.  Obviously, I chose the latter of the two options. I had such fun with these silly little happy faces. I will end up using them for my valentines cards this year, I think. 

I made a few : )

I used embossing folders on the backgrounds, eyelets (cheaper to mail than brads), string, funky scissors and circles. Easy and adorable.

 I used the different yellow faces on the insides. I only showed the 'lmao' tear smiley face inner.

Have a wonderful January! 

Red Bear : )

Monday, December 18, 2017

A stamp technique for use with stamps without designs

Hello again. Here is the post I had planned to do next. Zoo sent me a Two Minute Tuesday YouTube video by Connie Stewart  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JfpDahwmGzs&list=PLxCtNfpskJFdwaN-N-l1VWQ31GZrPZzRS&index=34&ab_channel=ConnieStewart    and the following is my first experimentation with the techniques. I had a blast, ended up with completely inked up hands and can't wait to do some more. 

The first stamp that I came across that was flat without any detail was a butterfly from the StampinUps Flight of the Butterfly stamp set (the all black on in the case).
I stamped the butterfly with my StampinUp Tangelo Twist ink pad, stamped it off a number of times on a scrap piece of paper, then used the chain link fence stamp by Finnabair, inked in StampinUp's Cajun Craze ink to add the detail. The difference in the below images is from the number of times I stamped it onto the scrap paper. I then tried to add the body of the butterfly in the correct place and it didn't work the best. That of course took me on a sidebar thought process into making my own MISTI type stamp placement tool but that will have to wait for a future post.
The below picture is all the design stamps I used in this technique practice. I will add others as I come to them. 

The next unadorned stamp I used was a simple flower from the StampinUp set called A Beautiful Thing. I did end up using the detailed stamp from that set and had difficulty placing it in the right spot of the stamped image (hence more thought into making my own MISTI).
Here on in, shows the end of session one of making new stamps from existing ones in my cupboard. Me, being me.. I could not see wasting the tap off twice ink onto scrap paper or my work surface, so you can see I incorporated the original inked plain flower onto the page and then stamped the new designs around it. I had sooo much fun doing this and the pages turned out so sweet.

Here is a closer up couple of the flower samples. As I said above, I inked in tangelo Twist and then I experimented inking the detail in the same tangelo twist and also in StampinUp's Cajun Craze and Island Indigo. 

These two StampinUp background stamps are my ultimate favourites so of course they came out in the experiment. One of my favourite designs with this new technique is using the right (lines) background stamp and using the twist. It produced the coolest design ever.

 Upon coming home later that day, I once again sat in my craft room and played with this new technique. This time I used my plain square stamps, which I had purchased years ago with ideas in my head that did not work in real life. As I never get rid of stamps, ever, I had them still for experimenting with and I love them both in the sampling.

These two stamps are made by Shadow Stamps and the small one is A1873 Background 1 and the big one is A1875 Shadow Stamp 111.

The colours I used for big square samplings were tangelo twist and cherry cobbler by StampinUp.

I used the design stamps from above but added more of the green background plates. These came from the local Rewards Store's clearance bin and don't have a brand name that I can find. They are not stamps per say but I use everything as stamps for the most part. (the sentiment stamp I borrowed off Zoo and didn't use until the blue samples using the small squares. A note about word stamps and this technique... they end up reversed and backward which upon talking to Zoo is a great idea for making reverse stamped images for things we have wanted to stamp in another direction. Another future post, lol.)

I love this sampling. The square is large and thus the design added is more defined. It is two colours I love together and in general makes my day.

For the final sampling, I used the small square and two darker colours. I used the Island Indigo and Navy by StampinUp and the finished product reminded me of denim which I love. This one took the longest and hurt the hand/elbow the most because the stamp was only about an inch square but it is so adorable.

After playing with the technique I, of course, had to make some cards. I used up all of the flower paper and then saved one of each of the square samplers to send to Zoo. As usual, the pictures don't show the true colours but I did try out some new flag sort of designs that came to mind for the first ones and then used up a butterfly on the remainder of the flower ones. I used my home made MISTI to place the three hellos om the strip of paper at the side.

For the first tangelo/cherry cobbler big square design card I used a Yo-Yo I had made months ago that was the perfect colour (see a couple of posts previous to this one). I used a pair of the kids funky scissors and I think it turned out beautiful.
I hate to cover up all the hard work of the sampling so I tried to make the designed paper the focal point for the most part. In the ones below I used up scraps from cutting the edges with the funky scissors and I love how they turned out.

I used my home made MISTI for placing the 'To' and 'You' words. I added the tag at the bottom but thought it needed some green at the top so added the  2 words.

Over all I had an awesome time playing with Connie Stewart's stamp kissing technique and look forward to doing some more in the future. We will see what comes first... me playing with this technique some more or something else Zoo sends me to focus my attention on. Your guess is as good as mine : )

Have a great night!

Red Bear