Friday, March 21, 2014

Further to ... the 'Cowboys-and-Indians' photo is not OK - Aboriginal - CBC

I'm now reading through the comments to this article with the "Most Liked" filter engaged.

... heavy sigh ...

This is when I become overwhelmed, wonder how this mess will ever be sorted out, wonder what I can possibly do to make the situation better, tear up over the immensity of the racial divide in my beloved country, ... ... ... and close the browser window.

However, in these two comments there is a spark of hope.  The first is an indication of how the public education system has failed us all, the second, a succinct list of analogies that everyone should be able to understand.

Two thumbs up for Anatpuk!

Why the 'Cowboys-and-Indians' photo is not OK - Aboriginal - CBC:

Ms Mackenzie- a white settler? (shaking head) If an aboriginal person dresses up in a `white` business suit, should I be offended? If Im of Scots descent and a black person wears a kilt (as is actually the case in many Pipe and Drum bands in Canada) should I be offended? If Im Italian and an Asian wears a toga should I be offended? If a German wears a straw peaked hat should Vietnamese be offended? If an Asian wears Austrian- trachten, should Austrians be offended? This whole thing is just too ridiculous, and everyone is just way too sensitive,« less 3 days ago 22 Likes Like Share 
 Anatpuk @CeeDeeEnn, 
  • A business suit isn't a cultural item 
  • Black people have never systematically slaughtered Scots 
  • Asians have never created Italian race specific law in Italy 
  • Vietnamese have never stolen land from Germans 
  • Asians have never abducted Austrian children, raped them and forced them to speak mandarian, japanese or korean. 
The whole thing is not too sensitive, the whole thing is too poorly understood to see why this is offensive to Aboriginal people"

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