Friday, March 28, 2014

A new Webcam to Watch

I went to Ustream to watch the press conference the TSB had for the release of their investigative report into the crash at Resolute Bay, August 2011.  After the report video ended, a "featured site" promotion came up with this hummer cam.

There is also a chat associated with this camera and I learned that everyone was on "hatch watch".  These are always exciting times for birding webcams as I've been on a few "hatch watches" with the Peregrine Falcon cams in Manitoba.

The camera is set up in someone's front yard in California and there is quite the community "on the branch".  I checked in tonight and sure enough, there was a pre-dawn hatch today, March 28, 2014.

Here are a couple of screenshots I captured.

Phoebe, a non-migratory Allen's Hummingbird

Here is a shot of her newborn:
less than one day old

Feeding time
Open wide!

Phoebe Allen's Hummingbird.

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