Monday, December 18, 2017

Fold open window card

Good morning. I know my next post was going to be the 'Kiss it and make it better by Connie Stewart' but something came up that I just had to share. I was at a potluck yesterday with some other stampers and we exchanged Christmas cards. One person had done a cute fold open type window idea that I thought was too sweet for life so I came home and tried one after supper. The following is my take on how to do it.

I will start with the finished card so you know what I am doing and then the step by step will come afterward. This card is easy and fun and is full of possibilities for all occasions. The picture doesn't do it justice. It is purple and mustard yellow and I used the bee hive because of the honeycomb pattern on the designer paper.

First you choose a double sided piece of paper. I chose from Stampin Up's Moonlight Designer Series pad with a Hello Honey mustard yellow, a Blackberry Bliss purple and a Basic grey colour scheme. 
You then cut a piece 4 1/4 " square (4 &1/4" x 4&1/4"). To score it I used my Martha Stewart score board. I placed the square turned so that 2 of the corners pointed to the 3" marks. One on the top and one on the left. I then scored at the 1", 1 1/2", 4 1/2" and 5" points. Make sure the top and bottom tips of your square are both on the 3"line to start.
You then rotate your square around so that the scored lines are horizontal and then you repeat the first score steps with the remaining two corners.
 If you do not have a score board, scoring can be done as follow. Using a ruler lined up with two opposite corners, measure in 1" and 1 1/2" to find the score points. Do this for each of the corners.
When the score lines are finished, fold all the corners into the centre of the square along the inner     (1 1/2") score line.
Then fold the 1" corner tips out, showing off the inner designed paper. 
Your folded window is now ready to attach to your card base. Inside my window I added my bee hive from StampinUp's Just Buzzin By stamp set. I stamped it in purple onto white cardstock then cut it out. It was a perfect fit inside the window with a small border of the accent pattern paper to show around the white bee hive paper. I placed it on the purple paper which I had embossed with the CutterBug big dotted embossing folder. I layered some Stampin Up Curry Yellow paper under the paper before putting it on the white card base. The inside of the card has some scraps of the papers I used and then some bees and a saying from the same stamp set. All in all it turned out adorable and was easy to make.

If there is anything I have not made clear, please feel free to make a comment. Everyone's brains think a different way, thank goodness, and if my way of explaining doesn't work I will attempt to explain a different way. I know I jump in and wing it most of the time and then have to remember what I did so I can show Zoo what my brain was thinking at the time. Our thought processes do not always jive but that is a good thing, because we come up with new approaches to things trying to explain our way of doing things. Makes for many more fun things to try and learning new styles makes us both better crafters.

I will get to the kissing stamp techniques next, I promise : )

Have a great day! 

Red Bear

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