Wednesday, December 01, 2010

CBC News - Politics - WikiLeaks founder should be killed: PM's ex-adviser

CBC News - Politics - WikiLeaks founder should be killed: PM's ex-adviser: "A former senior adviser to Prime Minister Stephen Harper has joined some pundits and politicians in calling for the assassination of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange."

This makes me crazy!

In light of the world-wide attention on anti-bullying campaigns, this is absolutely outrageous.

We are trying to teach our children to be respectful, to treat all with dignity, that violence is not the answer.

For a public figure, on national public television, with ties to our government, to make such an extreme statement boggles my mind.

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Emily said...

Hi Sue-

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I mentioned that it just "might" fit into the diet meaning that it could be a special treat, but in general the muffins are not tailored to be renal friendly. Maybe I'll have to do some research on a kidney-friendly muffin. :)

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