Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Lattice Edged Cards

Hello again. Long time no share : )         
As discussed in the previous post, I will do up a quick share with the lattice cards I made with the template from this lovely lady's blog. http://www.barbstamps.com/my_weblog/2017/02/video-lattice-fold.html. Zoo sent it to me and of course I had to try. Who knew how easy this would be and how much fun detail it adds to cards. Definitely should be on your to do list.

I fell in love with the Chicks stamps set from StampinUp's Salebration earlier this year. They are the most adorable little things and I could just do a million cards with them (admittedly, I did do a ton of them at first. Only two with the lattice, though). The bows were from a video Zoo sent out and I love them to death. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gw6vUApUCrk&list=PL3cCMweCuEK3-3klF2M2IbCJSkjbBquCC&index=2. Origami folded so are nice and flat and cheap to mail. The What's Up stamp is a $1.50 one from Micheal's and the Happy Big Day stamp is from StampinUp and Zoo sent the stamped tag to me.

These adorable giraffe's were stamped at Zoo place and brought home to play with. The first one I placed overlapping a piece of paintable wallpaper left over from a reno job. I used my watercolour wax crayons to add colour and I love this card. Simple but sweet.

This floral stamp, Zoo stamped 5-6 years ago on her scrap crap paper and mailed to me. I used my water colour pencil crayons to add colour and then highlighted with gel pens. The metal hole ribbon behind was from the dollarama years ago. It is awkward to glue on (I used my two way glue on the parts seen and double sided tape under the flower) but is an awesome addition to the card.

Since falling in love with lattice edged cards I went out and found some super cheap, on clearance templates to do more. Doing the template along the edge of the paper is the easiest, as scissors can be used. Doing the template on the interior of the card is harder on the hand, as a sharp papertole knife needs to be used. Either makes a beautiful image but so far I have only made cards with the small circle ones. I will add picture of future cards when I have time to make them. For now the only two I have done are shown on the last post I did earlier today, using the Time Warp stencil.

Well, again... have a great day. I need to move and get away from the laptop. 

Cheers, Red Bear : )

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