Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Chalk Card - and - Paper Bow

Chalk Card

Chalk Embossed Card

Pick a contrasting, in my case, a dark olive green, card base.

Cut a piece of contrasting, in my case, white, cardstock to fit the top of the card. If I were to do this again, I'd cut the white about one quarter of an inch smaller so as to show a larger frame of the dark colour border.

Emboss top of card.

Brush chalk on raised embossing.  Use one or three colours. In this case I used a yellow-green chalk and an darker olive green chalk.

You can use:

[I just did a Google Search for each of the product links I used.  I get my supplies from a local art supply store.]

Then use a nesting set of dies to cut a frame from the center of the white embossed card stock.  The set I used was Framelits - Labels Collection 125598, from my Stampin' Up dealer. Save the remaining frame for use on the inside if you like, or for another project.

Add a bit of bling a sentiment, and anything else you like on the inside and you're done!
Sentiment, Owl and Feather stamped with Memento Rich Cocoa ME-800
Edited to add: Red Bear taught me how to make this card, it certainly wasn't my great idea, it was hers!

DIY Embellishments - Paper Bows

Edited to add: click on the title above, it's a link to the video^^

I just discovered this video today and was impelled to try it as she said she was going to go over it again quickly!

I had some scrap tissue paper laying around and cut a 6 by 6 inch square and followed along.  Too easy!  If I can do it, you can do it!
Crafting NOT at my crafting table!

The smaller you cut your initial square, the smaller the bow.  No more extra postage for mailing a card just because you wanted a bow for it!
Ta Da!


Red Bear said...

Such a pretty card!

Very cool bow idea. I like bows that don't cost a lot to mail. Thanks. Maybe you could post the link to her video so anyone who finds this can watch it (being ever the optimist and assuming someone will look at our blog someday)

Zoo said...

But there -IS- a link! The title will change colour if you mouse over it, and it links to her video. :)

Red Bear said...

Lol. Remember me...the computer phobic one of us. Thanks for the lesson : )