Sunday, January 20, 2013

Standard Requirements of an Apology - who knew?

A control freak?

At the same time, Jill Scott, a Queen's University professor in the department of language, literature and culture, said she believes that Armstrong seemed to be hitting all the right buttons — at least at first.
"He started off pretty good. He answered all the questions and he said all the right things at the right times, early on. And that was fantastic," she said.
Scott, who researches conflict resolution, including apologies, said Armstrong did a good job of ticking off the list of standard requirements of an apology — confession , contrition, acknowledgement of pain inflicted on others, remorse, repentance, and acknowledgement that more needs to be done.
"But the further you got on in the interview, the murkier the waters became," Scott said.
Armstrong began micro-managing his message when it came to talking about other people, Scott said. That slowly reduced his portion of responsibility by entering into the territory "of excuse, justification and blame of others."
"As he got deeper into the interview, and clips are coming, we saw the old Lance coming back. Why? The guy is simply a control freak. He was a control freak on the bike, and now he's a control freak on the apology."

Did Lance Armstrong redeem or incriminate himself? - Canada - CBC News:

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