Sunday, March 18, 2012

Jonespeak 2011 | 4 Mothers

Reading this blog that I stumbled upon makes me think of two things, sneezing and radio-speak.

When Jay was really little and sneezed, Himself came out with "Gazoongabungle".  It stuck and is our family phrase, still 22 years later.

Since both Himself and I worked at the same place it was inevitable that speaking with proper radio telephony procedures would leak into our non-work lives.  Since we socialized with pilots, controllers and other aviation types, how much that happened wasn't highlighted until Kidlet started school.

Affirmative and Negative for yes and no are as natural to us as please and thank you but apparently sound odd to elementary school teachers. As does "standby" for "hang on a sec", and using the phonetic alphabet for spelling out words.

Himself and I were called in to see the teacher because of our job as well.  Apparently children need to know their lower case letters and when upper case are appropriate in the "real world".  We print in upper case because for logging purposes, that is the clearest.  oops.

Finally, because of our tag-team parenting necessitated by shift-work, who is "PIC" for any given date and time [Parent In Charge] is also not a common phenomenon amongst "normal" people.

Jonespeak 2011 | 4 Mothers:

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