Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Places I've been, places to go.

I was born in Winnipeg. Raised half 'n half between school days in the city and the rest of the time in Lac du Bonnet. When I was 18 I moved away to go to school and then moved 13 times in 14 years up north before settling down south, here on the farm, in 1994.

Unlike most Canadians, instead of being an east to west type of traveler, I'be been living on a north-south line all my life.

Winnipeg to Thompson, "Y" out: north-west to Lynn Lake, north-east to Churchill, then back in straight north to Qausuittuq, Nunavut [Resolute Bay].

I've always been a swimmer. Built for comfort not speed, my specialty was endurance. I can and have swum [swam?] all day.

I have taken a swim in the Arctic Ocean off Dynamite Beach, Cornwallis Island, waded in the Creswell River, on Somerset Island. Off the coast of Vancouver Island @ Qualicum Beach in the Pacific Ocean, in Hudson Bay off the coast of Churchill.

I've been in 6 of 10 provinces, none in the Atlantic, so I have to get to Nova Scotia, PEI, Newfoundland and New Brunswick and swim in the Atlantic Ocean before I die. I have been in 2 of the 3 territories, so just have to visit Yukon.

The farthest north I've been is Eureka, Ellesmere Island, Nunavut. The farthest east, Quebec City, Quebec.
The farthest west, east coast of Vancouver Island. Unless you count Hawaii.

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